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The starting point is always the important idea. But how was this idea developed further? And has it been matured into a product or a business model?

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The first step towards investment is contact by e-mail. Your best option is to send the completed funding application form as a PDF file with your initial inquiry. You can find this application form at Service - Forms for downloading.

Review of your idea

We carry out a preliminary review of your application after it has been received. Based on fundamental information about the industry, business model, size and capital requirements, we clarify whether an investment in your company generally matches our profile.

Personal meeting

A personal meeting then shows whether there is a basis for trusting and constructive cooperation between the people concerned.

Presentation of the company strategy

During the business analysis we present your company and evaluate it based on economic, strategic, financial, technical, organisational and personal criteria.

HICON invests in your company

Short decision-making channels and our expertise make it easier to conduct the subsequent contract negotiations. Contentious issues – such as the question of when and how the investment must be ended again – should be clarified at an early stage. We transfer the funds and acquire shares to the agreed extent as soon as the contract has been signed.

Financing period

The time frame for our investment is not bound by any specific constraints. Our investment normally runs for a period between one year and ten years. When determining the period, the prime objective must always be considered, i.e. how to provide the company with reliability and security for successful development through our investment.

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Do you want to find an investor for your start-up?