We invest in progressive thinkers!

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Company founders cannot always finance their projects using traditional methods such as banks or development loans. The HICON GROUP invests in innovative business concepts with capital requirements or expansion needs. This normally involves ambitious entrepreneurs with attractive business ideas from the areas of medical technology, environmental protection, sustainability, renewable energies, software development, apps and security technology.

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Investments mostly refer to start-ups, inventors and company founders who receive assistance in the form of risk capital to expand or establish their business. For the investments the HICON GROUP cooperates with selected partner banks in London, Paris and Dubai. Our objective here is profit-oriented investment.

Do you want to know how we proceed exactly with an upcoming investment?

Innovation and novelty

The decisive factor in every investment is your innovative business idea. The market on which you want to operate must contain growth prospects and allow new business areas to be developed. Every business idea in which we invest therefore possesses an unmistakeable unique feature and relevant advantages – either for a specific target group or the company as a whole. The best ideas are conceived and developed from the market:
What product does the customer need, who is the actual target group and against what competitors must a company prevail? Good start-ups know what counts and have a concise answer to every question.

Founders are the actual capital with start-ups!

Another deciding factor for or against an investment by the HICON GROUP is the entrepreneur himself. CVs are one factor as they provide an initial impression of what can be expected from the founder or his team. However, a real personal profile is more important.

Does your team possess the necessary expertise? Does every relevant area have the required thinkers and achievers? If so, we will be pleased to support you with an investment.